Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harvest Time!

Since our whirwind trip from Iowa to Colorado wasn't crazy enough, we made a stop on the way home for wheat harvest (Aaron dropped us off and then came back on Saturday)! I wasn't packed for it (meaning I didn't have our boots), but luckily I had packed a pair of jeans for all of us and tennis shoes. Who cares, right?! The kids, as always, had a blast and loved every minute of it. So did their Mama, even though her pregnant body didn't tolerate the little jumps seats :(

He was talking 90 to nothin'! So very excited to see the "bombine" :)

Uncle Terry even let him drive the combine! :)

Anna rode the tractor with Aunt Cara.

Aunt Cara also spoiled him and fixed him mac & cheese for lunch since he doesn't like sandwiches (whose kid is he, anyway?!)!

Anna loves sandwiches!

Align CenterStopping for a quick lunch break. Terry, Aaron, Marisa, TJ, and Cara. It was super, super hot so the kids and I ate in the pickup :)

As soon as Marisa and TJ (my cousin & his girlfriend) showed up, Anna attached herself to Marisa for the rest of the day!

This was actually the first wheat harvest Aaron has been a part of! I had forgotten that and didn't tell him to make sure and wear jeans. At least he didn't wear his sandals! ;)
Uncle Terry also let Jacob drive the tractor. Except Jacob was more concerned with keeping the deer on the steering wheel facing the right they zig-zagged their way across the field!

There's not much better to me than harvest. And I'm so happy that my kids get to experience harvest (even if for a shorter time) like I did growing up. Those are some of my favorite memories of childhood.

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The Schenk Family said...

I really do miss harvest. I can't wait till our kids get to experience it, what fun and hard work to show them.