Friday, September 3, 2010

Jacob's 3rd Birthday!

The month has been busy enough, so we added Jacob's birthday party to the mix! :) The highlight of the year for the new 3 year old? This...!

When we asked what he wanted for his birthday cake, he said "uhhhh...bombine!...trater!...heemi!!!!" (combine, tractor and semi). Aunt Cara (we love her!) said she would make him a John Deere tractor cake. When Jacob saw their pickup pull up, he yelled "my trater hake!!!!!!" :)

The ONLY person he gave the perfect smile to for this pose? Aunt Cara!

Jacob giving Hudson (or is it the other way around??) a thank you hug for his Cars tin and Matchbox cars!

I really wish you could see Jacob's face (although Seth's is a pretty good indication!). He about flipped a lid when he saw that it was John Deere! :)

Time goes way too fast. It doesn't seem like it was three years ago when I was holding this boy for the first time! He is such a joy (most of the time! ha). I love him to bits!!!

Seriously, his family knows him so well...John Deere and Cars!

Wait a second...something's wrong here! Why do I have the doll and she has the tractor?!?!?

He can hardly wait to blow out the candles!!

Waiting for the song to be over so he can blow them out!

Wearing his new John Deere hat just like Great Grandpa Elmer! No doubt he's got Stinemetz blood in him! :)

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