Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Week Down... week to go! I think we're kind of finally in a groove (sort of). Anna has done much better the last couple of days. The wonderful Kim took the kids for the entire afternoon which meant I got a very long, uninterrupted (mostly) nap! And then we had supper with Stacey & Christian which meant 1) I didn't have to cook and 2) the kids got to play with friends! A great way to end a long, stressful week. I was talking with Stacey tonight and we both agreed that dealing with our sons' disobedience is so much easier than dealing with our normally-very-well-behaved daughters' disobedience. It's just so draining. Especially since I was not expecting Anna's reaction. At all! And not that Jacob is just naughty, but he's a boy and he's always pushed the limits and has never been as quickly compliant as Anna has been. I think just the difference between boys and girls. And honestly, when you have a child who is usually very little trouble in the discipline/behavior area, it's really hard to suddenly deal with a lot of those issues with her. Having a little grace goes a long way with her. I've found that if I simply rock with her every morning before school for as little as 5 minutes, it makes a world of difference. These poor kids are going through a lot of change in their worlds this fall! Starting school, Daddy traveling a lot, a new baby...yikes! And for a girl who hates change as much as I do, that's a lot to throw at Anna and expect her to just handle it with no hiccups. I need to remind myself of that and to try being more positive about this whole thing. Yes, it stinks that he has all this travel and that the first trip is 2 weeks long. Yes, it's really hard being 31-37 weeks pregnant while he's gone. Yes, it's exhausting to be a "single mom" for this season. BUT at least he has a job. At least that job provides enough so that I'm able to stay home with the kids. At least my mom is able to come and help during these times. God is good, all the time...not just when life is going smoothly!
Tomorrow we're going to lay low and just hang out. Definitely take a nap :) Then one more week and Daddy will be home!! Yahoo!! And a couple days before that, Lord willing, Binga will come down for a visit!!! :)

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