Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Farm

I don't remember when or why, but at some point this summer the kids & I went out to the farm with Papa and Binga for a quick visit. The kids love going out there! Papa was working on the old farm truck and the kids found some treasures. And I got camera happy :)

Grandma Mary found some awesome toys for the kids to play with! They were from my dad's childhood days (they didn't look that old! toys sure aren't made like that anymore!).

Doesn't he just look ornery?! :)

This is what Jacob spent most of the day doing!

Anna found the old croquet set in the garage.

Anna also got her birthday present from Great Grandma & Grandpa. A new baby doll and blanket (plus a giant thing of bubbles!)...can you tell she's happy as a lark?!

What a blessing it is to have such wonderful grandparents!!

The kids also found the creeper in the garage. Anna had fun directing Jacob to push her on it. Ha!
Papa hard at work on the old truck. He was determined to get it fixed. And he did, of course. His dad taught him well!

I thought it was funny that this picture captured two things so opposite...the old farm truck (what year is it anyway? 60s?) and the tech-savvy Prius!

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