Friday, September 17, 2010


She's patiently waiting for the rides! She was okay for a while looking at all the equipment, but got tired of it. And she was hot. Then we got to the rides and she didn't want to ride anything!! Jacob wanted to ride the cars (which he LOVED last year), so he got on...the only kid...and did NOT like it. The guy was kind enough to stop the ride and give our tickets back. Crazy kids! So we all rode the Ferris wheel, looked at the animals, and made our way back to the van for supper at Bogey's! The kids were worn out (so were Mom & Dad!), but Jacob still didn't want to leave. He informed us several times that he did NOT like the Ferris wheel. We had a great time. Unfortunately the day we went was probably the hottest day of the week but oh well!

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