Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anna's 5th Birthday...on the 4th!

We had Anna's party on the 4th of July weekend again this year. It works out well with all the fun stuff going on around town. This year, Anna wanted a butterfly cake. I made way too much cake, so Binga also made her a lady bug cake!

Not my finest example of cake decorating, but Anna loved it:) The "recipe" called for candy sticks as the "body" but I couldn't find any. And yes, Aaron was the first to point out just what the Twix looked like.

Time for presents! Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry gave her TOM & JERRY!!! The kids love Tom & Jerry.

And Aunt Cara made her a beautiful blue butterfly dress.

Papa & Binga got her a keyboard! Can you tell she's excited?

And she finally got her big girl bike!!

What a beautiful birthday girl!

The sidewalk in front of our house is the worst possible sidewalk to learn to ride a bike! It's uneven and bumpy. And of course, after I gave her a pep talk about how the training wheels would keep her bike from tipping over, etc etc etc. And then what happens? HER BIKE TIPS OVER!!

So Jacob took a spin and then she was ready to try again.

These two love watching harvest videos. Seth and Aaron dream up big plans for a custom cutting crew :)

Early Saturday morning, these guys (my brother Jamie, Doug and Aaron) ran the 5K. None of them (or me) slept well that night so since I was up at that ridiculous hour I took them to the starting line.

I'm not sure how many people ran, but it was a lot.
We did get to see the parade in some rain, but most of the other festivities, including the fireworks, were canceled because of the rain. :(


Anonymous said...

wasn't it her 5th birthday?

Jennifer said...

Good grief. Preggo brain!