Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Summertime Fun

Picture overload! :) Just some random pictures from our summer fun at home.

Miss Hollywood!

Relaxin' all tangled up on the chair together.

Have I mentioned that Netflix is the best $10 we spend?? There are hundreds of shows the kids can watch instantly online. When we were trying to figure out "to drop or not to drop" naptime, it was a lifesaver! Gave me some quiet time and saved my sanity some days! (We didn't drop naps, by the way. With school starting, they really need the extra rest time. Some days Anna sleeps, some days she just rests. I do have to set a timer for an hour, though because if either of them sleep longer than that, they're up til midnight!)

Yes, he's sitting on the toilet, but isn't he just too cute?! :) His eyes...oh he knows how to use those baby blues already!

Oh my...the boy just didn't know what to do with himself when Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry showed up with an early birthday present...John Deere bedding for his new bed!!!


He is set...tractor pillow, tractor blanket. Now all he needs is a stuffed tractor to sleep with! ;)

Anna's present was a Princess sheet set. She was just as excited as Jacob and insisted that I take her picture as she pretended to sleep!

One of the many gorgeous, beautiful sunsets in Kansas!

This makes me laugh. If only he had chaps and a cowboy hat!

I really don't know why the grass quit growing on the back side of this tree, but Jacob is certainly glad it did! He spends hours upon hours playing in that spot with his tractors!

Sassafrass is what I call this look.

There is no place this boy would rather be than playing in the dirt!

Jacob refuses to sit on the "big" swing. He has fun anyway.

They love the swing set!

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