Monday, September 13, 2010

Jacob's Last Speech Session

The sad day was Jacob's last speech session with Miss Susan. The one Jacob always tried to go home with. By any means possible! Let's just say this was the saddest departure yet.

Jacob loved Miss Susan. He especially got excited to see what she had in her bags!

And she quickly learned what Jacob loved (cars and farm things) and brought those kinds of toys and books. She was such a great teacher and obviously, Jacob really connected with her!

Not happy at all to hear that it was time to pack up the toys. :( Poor boy. He cried and cried and cried. He was just inconsolable.

Even after his favorite meal of spaghetti he was still sad. But then he met Miss Amy, his new speech teacher, and he was happy. He loves her as well. She came to test him before school started. He did phenomenal considering it was 45 minutes of no toys! I knew he'd improved a LOT over the summer, but until she started the testing (which I saw Miss Susan do at the beginning), I didn't realize exactly how much! When we had his IEP meeting before school, she went over the results with us. He jumped 20+ points in his expressive language!! She said he is actually spot-on for his age, but because of the way he leaves off letters at the beginning of words it makes him really hard to understand. Which qualifies him for speech. I can probably understand about 85-90% of what he says now, but everyone else probably only understands 25-30% of what he says. So I'm excited to see how much he improves this year with preschool! He's such a mimicker. Miss Amy said the best thing we can do with him at home is to repeat correctly what he says. If he says "i hee a hemi" we repeat "You see a semi?" etc. And I've noticed that the more he talks, the funnier he gets!

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