Friday, September 3, 2010

Colorado Trip Part Deux

Now back to our Colorado trip this summer...we spent a couple days at Grandpa & Grandma Wallman's house up in the mountains.

Jacob's favorite dessert, by far, is Great Grandma J's creamlas (I have no idea if that's even how it's spelled!). They are a super delicious, so soft and moist, so light and fluffy that you could eat a dozen of them, Swedish cookie! Jacob quickly learned that they don't last long. So he eats them as fast as he can! :)

Father-Son pastime...playing catch :)

Aaron's nephew, Toby, hanging out.

Jacob is telling Grandpa that the glove just isn't working for him...he's a leftie!

Mama, dis dove not wurk!!

Cars is a favorite among the boys in this family. Jacob and Toby loved watching it together!

I have the cutest video of these two be-boppin' along to Grandpa's song, but I promised not to post the video, so this picture will have to do! :) He was singing his version of "Maybe Baby" that he rewrote for Toby right before he was born. All the grandkids love to listen (and sing along) to Grandpa and his guitar!

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