Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anna's Colorado Birthday

While in Colorado, we celebrated Anna's birthday with family out there. Grandma put together a B party for Anna and Great Grandma J--butterflies, bubbles, bears, and balls. It was lots of fun!

The kids made butterflies with paint and strings. (after they dried, we cut the paper into the shape of a butterfly) Anna's & Jacob's are now hanging up on their bedroom wall.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Great Aunt Georgia helps Jacob and Anna.

Eliza-their cousin somewhere down the line-is such a sweet, sweet girl!

She is in no way related to me by blood but if you saw a picture of me at this age, you'd think she was my daughter!

The bear cake! They also played a game with balls, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

And to finish off the party, Grandma put on a puppet show for the kids. They were enthralled!!!
Anna, John, Jacob, Eliza, and Toby

One evening, Jacob and Toby were playing around and Toby just crawled through Jacob's legs. They thought it was pretty funny so they did it over and over again!

Then they decided to switch places. It didn't work quite as well since Toby's legs are a bit shorter than Jacob's (and Jacob is just bigger than Toby!). Silly boys!


That was our whirlwind trip to Colorado! We were so glad to see Erick's family before they moved overseas!!

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