Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Really?? Only Day 3?!

It's been a looooong 3 days. We all feel like Daddy has been gone for a month (Daddy included)! Anna is having the hardest time, which surprised me. Jacob has become Daddy's little man the last couple months so I figured he would have the hardest time. He's been pretty good. Anna reacts by being very naughty (disobedience, torturing her brother) & sassy :( which makes Mama very tired & grumpy! Which makes it all worse!! So we're working on it. I think she just needs lots & lots of cuddling. We've still got 9 days! As an act of desperation, I got the Moon Sand out for the kids. That stuff is so messy!!! But they really have fun with it. I figured the floor needs swept anyway, why not add some Moon Sand to the mix?! ;)
Onward we go!
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