Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stick 'em Up!

Until I can get my other pictures downloaded, here are some pictures from our week so far in Iowa! We squeezed one last trip in before school starts. The kids immediately discovered some new toys...

Toy guns and even a holster!! Just like Grandpa & Grandma had at their house when we were kids! Anna rode the mower with Papa to keep him "safe". haha

Reloading :)

Jacob would sit all day in the sandbox and play! He loves it, even though there's hardly room for him and the tractor and digger he insists on having in there with him.

Then Cowgirl Anna held up her little brother! She backed him clear up to Papa & Binga's bedroom...

Then back down the hallway...

Back to the family room where she got him! Of course, he thought it was hide'n'seek so he laid there and counted to three and then said "hewe I humm!" hahaha

Then the tables turned and Jacob became the cowboy!

Got her!

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