Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Excersaucer Fun

Since Isaac loves to stand, I decided to bring the Excersaucer in from the shed. He loves it! At first, he was only happy for a little bit because he would get mad that his hands weren't doing what he wanted them to do! But he's getting the hang of it and if nothing else, loves to stand there and watch everyone.

If anything comes remotely close to his face, he opens up for the kill! Jacob isn't a big fan of this tactic!!

I have a picture of Anna in the same Excersaucer that looks a lot like this picture.
No way!! Are you for real?!?

He's already a ham. My kids don't have a chance not to be:)

Alright Mama, that's enough with the flashy camera! Are you done yet?!

Oh alright...I'll smile for another one. Just this once!

Now hold on a said that was the last one! Are you tryin' to pull a fast one on me?

Time is going much too quickly!! I was just watching some old videos (well...from a couple months ago). He's changed so much! No more of those precious little newborn grunts and noises. But now I get hand reaches, giggles, and goo-goo gaa-gaa! :) I noticed that his pajamas tonight are 6-9 months...and they fit just right!!! Sometimes I wish I could freeze time for a little bit...

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Anonymous said...

When you said you had a picture of Anna in that exer whatever it is called, so I moved down to see the next picture and I thought wow that really does look a lot like Isaac! Well of course, I right away I picked up on the fact that, well, it was Isaac... oh well.
P.S. You can just barely make out the print to click on "comment". Must be the color.