Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Things He Says

Jacob has been full of funnies today, so I thought I'd better write them down!

-First thing he asked for when he got off the bus today was to watch a video (he loves these youtube videos I found of Thomas the Train). I kept telling him no. He fell down and hurt himself so I picked him up and went to rock him (I still squeeze in some baby-ing now & then!). He suddenly sat up, wiped his eyes and said, "I need ta watch a video. Dat will cheew (cheer) me up!!"

-He was still begging for a video so I told him if he could figure out how to get to the videos on my phone, he could watch one. He figured it out in about FIVE SECONDS!!! Good grief. I don't think he's seen me do it more than twice. We are IN TROUBLE! At least he doesn't know how to unlock my phone...yet.

-"I need go poopy Mom"

Well then, go!

"But I need yur heylp."

No you don't. You're a big boy.

"But I need yur heylp. It's vewy hahd (hard) ta go poopy!"

-I don't know how long he had Isaac pacifier, but when I walked out to the backyard yesterday he was kind of hiding behind the tree. I could tell he was putting something in his mouth so I asked him what he was eating. He didn't answer but Anna obliged. He's got Isaac's paci Mom.

Jacob Scott, you give me that right now! You're not a baby!!

And the chase began. Little squirt! He NEVER took a pacifier as a baby. But since he's been about a year old, if he finds one he'll sneak it off and suck on it! When I babysat, he would steal the baby's pacifier and hide it somewhere. Such a goofball.

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