Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm in Love...

...with a cleaning accessory (accessory? appliance?). It's called the Shark Vac Then Steam and it does an incredible job. Vacuums up all the nasties on my hardwood floors, then in seconds it's ready to mop! My aunt has the steam mop and she loves it. So when I heard about this, I was excited! It doesn't hurt that it's my favorite color. ;) I'm kidding. I mean, it is my favorite color, but I would never buy something like this based on color!

It's an investment. It's not cheap (I got mine at Walmart). But when our Swiffer Vac went ka-put, I was ready to make the plunge (plus we got a huge tax refund so it didn't hurt the budget). My wood floors haven't been this clean since they were put in almost 4 years ago!! I love that it's a steam mop-no buying bottles of cleaner and all I'm putting on my floors is water. And the steam really gets those sticky messes up easily. After the first time I mopped, Jacob spilled some water on the kitchen floor. I grabbed the closest thing...a white burp cloth. Now, usually when I wipe something up, even if I've just mopped, the towel/rag comes up a little dirty. I couldn't even tell where I'd wiped with the burp cloth!

The Shark is quick and easy to get out and use. Emptying the canister is simple and quick. Best of all, switching from vac to mop is little more than popping on a pad on and flipping a switch (oh, and adding water). And because it's a steam mop, the floors dry in a mere minute.

I highly recommend one of these if you have a large amount of hard floors (wood, laminate, vinyl, tile). I have hardwood and tile and it does a superb job.

*Shark and Walmart have NO idea who I am (although Walmart should for how much money I spend there! ;)). I'm simply very excited about this product and love it and want you to know about it! *


Jaime said...

Nice! I bought a Shark Navigator with my Christmas money and I had a hard time deciding between that and the Vac and Mop. I did want something that would also do my carpets on the main floor of our house so I'm happy with my choice but my next purchase will be the steam mop, probably.

Anonymous said...

Well now then when Jacob eats off the floor I won't get the shills up my back so bad. hehehehehehe