Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Story Time Egg Hunt

I've been taking Jacob to story time at the library recently. When I remember, that is! Well Good Friday there was no school, so a story time that usually has 5-10 kids had at least 20. It was cah-razy! The kids were all really well-behaved, it was just a very small space for all those kids (and their parents). Anna was so excited to see some of her friends from school!

Ella (whose last name is ridiculously similar to Anna's...poor Mrs. M!), Anna, and Kylie

I love Elli and her unique sense of style. I know her Daddy is proud :) She's showing off her Dorothy Ruby Red Slipper shoes to Jacob. I'm not sure he really cares...

Hooray for stickers!

What made it even crazier that day? An egg hunt!!!

Zzzoooommm!!! Yight-ning MaWeen (Lightening McQueen) is on a wace!!!

Don't the parents look so enthused?! ;)

Let the madness begin!

Yook what I found Mama!!!

Lining up to trade in their eggs for CANDY!!

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