Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five Months?!

Friday Isaac turned 5 months old. WHERE has the time gone?! Every month seems to go by more quickly.

New things...

Rolling over all the time-usually back to tummy.

Still working on those bottom teeth! I keep thinking they'll pop through soon, but not yet. And considering that you're teething big time, you're not fussy at all!

Still a very happy baby! Great night sleeper. In fact, last night you slept for 10 hours!!!

We visited Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry and went to the Farm.

Papa & Binga came for a visit.

You really like cereal with bananas, but you started getting a little backed up so we're back to just nursing unless I remember to give you some cereal once a day (which doesn't usually happen!). You eat every 3-4 hours during the day.

Still love watching Anna & Jacob play. Every day when we pick Anna up from school, you don't take your eyes off of her until we get home.

You are a very loved little brother!

Making a lot of different sounds (both noises and letter sounds, if that makes sense).

You really like the exersaucer! You're playing in it a lot earlier than Anna or Jacob did. You caught on quickly how to grab onto the toys and chew on them and how to turn yourself around in it.

You spit up. A lot. But it doesn't bother you and you are certainly growing! You're almost too long for the 3-6 jammies and the onesies are getting a big snug! Still nowhere near as big as Jacob was, but you're growing fast.

So today I decided I would try to do a 5 month "photo shoot". I didn't think I got any good ones, but these ones aren't too bad.

Jacob wanted pictures with you, but you kept trying to eat him...and he doesn't like that. At all. So this is the only one I got of you two next to each other!

When I sat you up (you can't sit up on your own yet), you went straight down. When you saw your toes, you immediately started trying to chew on them!
I absolutely love this one. THIS is your relationship with adoration! :)

Those toes!! Once you discovered you had them and you could get them in your mouth, that's where they always go when you can reach them! In fact, I put you in your bouncy seat this evening and when I turned around to put the toy bar on, you had pulled yourself up to sitting and were trying to get your toes in your mouth!!

Isaac Jayden, you are a delight! What a blessing to have you added to our family. I love watching you grow and learn and watch and take things in.

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