Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mustang Owners

Yesterday was a big day...we are now the owners (well, adopters) of a wild Mustang!!! Scott has been training and competing with wild Mustangs for a couple years now through the Extreme Mustang Makeover competitions. So we decided this year, we would go in on it together. We would put up the money for the horse and Scott would train and compete with it (I think we got the easy end of this deal!! ha). An auction is held to adopt out the Mustangs. You don't have to be at the actual's televised so you can just call in and bid over the phone. Talk about CRAZY!! We had a certain amount saved and had picked out 2 of our favorite horses. The first was a dun gelding that was ninth in the lineup. We were pretty sure it would go for too much and after a dun before him went for $5000, we decided to not even call in for ours! $5000?!?!?! As #9 came up, the bidding wasn't going anywhere...


At this point, we're thinking this is crazy! So Scott hurriedly hits redial to try and get a bid in.


Scott gets through...

Number 9...we want a bid on #9!

And then we hear on the TV


We could NOT believe that it went for only $600!!! We figured if the first dun went for so much, this one would go for close to the same! It was so crazy. But as I had been telling Anna, God would work it out and we'll get the horse He has for us. So I guess it wasn't #9! :)

Our next choice was #81, so we had a ways to go (they went in numerical order for the auction). It was just crazy seeing how much the horses went for...some you thought would get maybe $300 went for $3000, others you thought would go for $3000 went for $300! As it got closer to #81, Scott called in. That's when we found out that the TV was about 10 seconds behind the real thing! Which in an auction can be a pretty big deal!! Anyway, he placed our bid and up came #81. It started out pretty slow and then all the sudden it was like two more people were bidding on him! It went back and forth and while Scott was on the phone, 10 seconds ahead of what we were seeing, we were watching/listening to the TV thinking we had missed out on it! But we got him! It's a bay gelding and we are super excited. (He was me and Scott's favorite pick anyway) Anna has been trying to come up with a name for him. We get to go pick him up from a holding area in Nebraska next month. And then...let the training begin! I have a feeling we'll be making a lot of trips to Great Bend this summer! :)

And of course, what's a trip to Scott's house without some riding? ALL THREE of the kids got some riding in! :)

Isaac just wanted to eat the saddle horn.

This is Leah's (Scott's 1.5 yr old) horse Maximus! Anna rode him bareback.

This puts his size in perspective a bit!

Anna wanted to ride a big horse, though. She had a lesson in "show him who's boss" this time! The horse was mild and gentle but he knew it was a little girl on his back so he just meandered wherever he wanted. Scott and I kept telling her, "You gotta show him who's boss." How many times did I hear that line, Dad?? :)

Jacob even rode this time! He got to ride Daniel's (Scott's 3 yr old) horse, Bullseye who is a pony. Just the right size for Jacob!

We all had a lot of fun and are excited to watch Scott train the new Mustang! Anna didn't want to leave, of course. Jacob didn't either! I found out today that it was because he really likes Daniel's Thomas the Train sets!! He told me after church today that he was going to Scott's house to play with Daniel's Thomas trains!

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