Saturday, April 9, 2011

Haircuts All Around

Since yesterday, four of the five of us have had haircuts. Total cost: $22 and a few more gray hairs!!

I was about 4 months over-due for a haircut. I decided last summer to grow it out, but the problem is that my hair is so thick that if I let it get long, I have to go every month or two to have it thinned out or I get daily headaches. I really should weigh myself before and after and see how much I "lose"! I would rather have thick hair than thin hair, though so I won't give Dad a hard time for passing that gene on to me.

Anna was next. She was in need of at least a trim, it was so long. She's always complaining about how hot she gets at recess or PE because of her hair (she's got thick hair, too...not quite as thick as mine though). So I told her when school was out she could get a haircut. She said she wanted it to her shoulders. I decided today that I could save us another $10 and just cut it myself. She got pretty impatient, but I took my time and tried to get it even all the way around. Of course I didn't, but it was easy to fix. She had to stand on a chair so I could cut it.

It's still long enough for pigtails or a ponytail but much shorter and cooler. Her hair is getting curly in the back! It started with just a small spot but is spreading farther!

Aaron was third. I've been cutting his hair since we were engaged (I learned by watching Mom cut Dad & the boys' hair growing up). It's saved us so much money. I think he's had it cut "professionally" twice since we've been married--once when he was back home and needed one and once after I butchered his hair and refused to cut it again! :)

Since I was already covered in hair and the clippers were out, I made Jacob take the chair next. Yes, I said made. He HATES having his hair cut! He's really sensitive to loud noises anyway and I think having those clippers so close to his ears is what bothers him so much. He screams the entire time (which is why he gets a buzz, no matter the time of year!). Screaming creates its own problems...sweat, tears, and slobber. Which makes the hair situation far worse than normal! I keep hoping that one of these times he'll be over it but it hasn't happened yet!

He's going to look bald this summer with how light his hair gets!

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