Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Months

I can't believe Isaac is 10 months already (seems like I say that every time I post one of these!). I'm not ready for my baby to be ONE yet!!
Isaac, you are sass and sweet all rolled into one. Your lack of sleeping is not agreeing with Mama and Daddy!! We need to get on the same page...rather, YOU need to get on OUR page! You just go, go, go and don't want to slow down, let alone sleep! I should probably be better about keeping you to more of a schedule...I don't like chaos!
Other than your awful sleeping habits, you are an absolute delight. You love to talk to anyone who will listen. You rarely say Mama even though I know you can! I think you already try to talk in whole sentences. You can say good and sometimes when I ask you a question, you just start rattling off your "answer"! You really like the remote (already!). You're starting to pretend things are a phone and hold them up to your (or my) ear and talk. You still prefer the "Army Crawl" but you'll crawl on a foot, knee, and hands sometimes. You like to eat grass and sticks and pretty much anything you can find outside. And if there is ONE TINY piece of paper on the floor in the entire house, you'll find it. You still love watching Anna and Jacob, but now you try more to get in the middle of what they're playing. They don't always like that! You are a Mama's Boy, big time, right now. You quit eating baby food a couple months ago. You LOVE to eat!! The other night I was sharing my grilled chicken sandwich with you and you ate that chicken up as fast as I could put it in front of you! You have 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) but I think some more are starting to come in. With your bulk cloth diapers, most of your one-piece clothes are 12 months.
You've had a couple of ear infections, which hasn't helped with your bad sleeping habits. You seem to get them every time you get new teeth.
You are still on the go go go. Nothing is safe from your Go-Go-Gadget arms!
You LOVE baths. When we were in Texas, you would crawl into the bathroom, stand up at the tub and try to pull your clothes off. You would also try to get your leg up to climb in, all while jabbering away at me!
Everyone comments on what a beautiful, happy baby you are and well...I just can't help but agree!

I really hope I get all the way unpacked soon so I can take some good pictures of you. But for now, this is what I walked in to see the other day. You three are best buds!

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