Thursday, September 22, 2011

More pics from Ft Worth

I forgot my camera more than once, so I have some pictures on my phone from our trip.

Waiting for the cattle drive to start. I promise Jacob brushed his teeth that morning! He was drinking a blue Powerade. :)

Oh goodness. I'm pretty sure the name Stinemetz is on the black list for Fairfield Inn!! ha! We had some time between lunch and our next activity...well, let's be honest. It was a bunch of Stinemetzes trying make a decision! And a bunch of restless kids that either needed something to do or needed naps. So Uncle Alan gave them something to do!

No children were harmed in the making of this photograph. ;)

Teresa and Ike found a great train ride. It was $3/person and it was at least 30 minutes! The kids loved it!

Little Asher...what a CUTIE!

We went over 2 bridges, each way, and got to see a ton of turtles sunning on logs.

Of course Jacob, lover of all things Thomas/train, had an absolute blast on the train ride!

Asher loved Isaac and thought it was so hilarious to see him crawl! He wanted to hold Isaac, too...Isaac obliged, for just a moment!

In-N-Out Burger!!! This one hadn't been open very long and it was BUSY! There were no open tables when we got there, people standing everywhere. A booth opened up, but only enough room for the kiddos. So we decided to change our orders to go! I love In-N-Out Burger. It's so good. I told Aaron-it's not like amazing, over-the-top burgers (the fries are pretty good), but they're good and what makes it even better is that their ingredients are fresh, made in each store, AND it's a Christian chain. I wish there was one here!

Mr. Cheeseball! :)

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