Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Isaac Jayden...growing too fast!

It's been so beautiful outside and I finally grabbed my camera to get some pictures of Isaac. He's changing so quickly and is becoming more little boy than baby! :( He's so very ornery and wants to be right in the middle of everything his big sister and big brother do...including the Wii!! He got so mad this morning that nobody would let him have a controller! He used to be happy with just chewing on the sleeve, but he's observed enough to know that one of those little controllers is the real deal!

He's in 12 month clothes now. I think he's had a growth spurt since his 9 month checkup. He basically went from 6-9 months clothes to 12 month clothes! Yes, that's a piece of pizza he's holding. He polished off 1.5 pieces of pizza at lunch today. He's taking after Jacob!! :)

The other day, I put Isaac on the tractor while I unplugged it for Jacob. He got so excited so I let him sit on it while I "drove" it out to the front yard. He loved it (as my previous post shows!). Now every time he sees the tractor, he starts bouncing and reaches for it. Look out world!

He's not usually so somber, but he was ready for a nap and very distracted watching Jacob drive the tractor! I cannot believe he's almost a year old already :( His sleep is off and on better. For almost a week he slept 9-12 hrs at night and took good 1+ hr naps morning and afternoon. The last couple days...not so much. I'm at a loss since my other two were such good sleepers. More of a schedule would help, but it's also hard to stick to a rigid schedule when you've got 3 little ones and a ton of things going on! This, too, shall pass. I just hope I'm sane by the time it does! ;)

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