Friday, September 2, 2011

Anna's room

We've got Anna's room DONE! It helps that 1) we didn't have to paint it and 2) she was organizing and putting away as soon as she had boxes in there! She is absolutely relishing having her own room. Most of the time, her door is SHUT :) There have been a couple nights that she's had trouble sleeping because she's "lonely" but for the most part, she's done fine sleeping. Sorry for the poor picture quality...our new computer should be here next week so I'll be able to empty my camera's card and start taking REAL pictures!

Just inside her door-Aunt Cara made this for her when she was born!

Yes, she has a queen bed. When we have overnight company, she has to give up her room and sleep in the bunk beds with Jacob again (until Isaac is out of a crib, then we'll put the boys together and use Isaac's room as a guest room). Curtains are next up on the list...she got a couple of fuzzy lime green ones, but they aren't enough to cover all the windows, so for now I have the blackout curtains up with the not-working shades.

Her very own bookshelf...or should I say toy shelf?? She organized all of this completely on her own.

Her clothes cubby/dresser is in her closet. Of course if there's an empty, flat surface she's going to "decorate" it! :)

I didn't realize I hadn't gotten a full picture of the words on the wall...they were already there! "All you need is a little faith, love, and pixie dust"

Mom found these decals for her. Perfect :)

Her closet door. We put their nice, wooden toy box at the foot of her bed.

"So everyone knows a Cowgirl lives here" :) And a little Kris Goertzen art "You are precious in God's eyes"

The school room is almost done and so is Jacob's. I need to get decor for the master suite and Isaac's room, then it's mostly just hanging what we've already got in the family room, living room, and kitchen! Whew!!! Oh, and we're turning one of the large hall closets into a closet office! :) We are absolutely loving all the space and OUR OWN ROOMS!!!

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Jaime said...

I think your house is more decorated than mine and we've been here 4 years! I'm amazed!! We just put up some art in Elsie's room a month ago. :)

Jennifer said...

It has really helped that I haven't had to buy much of anything...I've been saving things for 9 years for this day (when we have a bigger house)!!! :)