Friday, September 9, 2011


My new computer is here! And I got so excited and got my camera to empty my camera card...and it's not in my camera! I vaguely remember putting it somewhere before we moved but I have no idea what box it ended up in! And the office stuff is still in boxes. *sigh*
We're slowly getting more unpacked. I keep thinking the school room is finally done and then I remember something else I have packed away in a box that I could use. Which always leads to more books coming out. Which leads to needing more room! But it's working. Next up is the cloffice :) Then it will just be hanging up pictures and such. Most importantly, we have the TV and Wii set up and Kim, you and your hubby can go on a date! ;)

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Lambert Loggings said...

*Or* a family game night...Lamberts vs. Wallmans in Wii bowling? ;)