Friday, September 23, 2011

One Room Finished...Almost

I say "almost" because, as you'll see, there are still boxes to be emptied/moved out of the room. But everything that belongs in this room(the dining room and "front room") is put away and it's all decorated except for curtains (haven't decided what to do there yet). I spent all afternoon hanging things by myself...not an easy task with the big, bulky, HEAVY things I had to hang!! But Aaron has been so busy at work that he hasn't had time to do it and it was just driving me crazy not to have it done.
There are no before pictures, because we didn't change the paint or anything. I wasn't really crazy about the color-it's more yellow-toned than brown-toned but once I got the furniture in and everything hung up, I don't think it's too bad.

My Great Grandma's china cabinet that was in our house growing up. It's a little more "retro" than I like but I don't want to ruin its "antiqueness" with refinishing it. I might just replace the handles. I just love having something handed down through the generations.

Our awesome "new to us" couches that Mom found at a garage sale SO CHEAP! They're perfect for this room. (the spots you see are just in the picture) I love, love, love my big picture window!

The entryway and dining room to the left

The dining room. The chandelier and wall sconces were already here-I love them. The table used to be my great-great Aunt's. The mirror I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby!! See the vase in the corner with the twigs in it? I found them out front and thought-hey, perfect! I put it together and Anna said, "Mom, that's not very pretty to me." HA!

I finally have a place to hang this (right as you come in the front door)! I guess I did have it above Isaac's pack-n-play the last few months. But now it's in a spot where everyone will see it.

So, that's the front room and dining room! I'm almost finished with the master bedroom (but not the master bath-still have to paint that!). I did a Paris theme and I LOVE it!


Jaime said...

Wow! You are really talented at decorating. Your place looks better than ours and we've been here 4 years! I just can't visualize stuff like that. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Jenni ... your home looks really nice and I know it is done with love... great job!
It is nice too that you are not moving every 2 years! Thanks for the blog! It's nice to see and catch-up with the family here. We are so busy here but homeschooling is going so well so far for us.
Happy Birthday to Aaron!
Love to all!

Jennifer said...

Jaime, thanks! I don't know about talented. I get any creativity I may have from my Mom. I really enjoy it, too. I've also been waiting 9 years to have a much bigger house to decorate! I had a lot of built-up motivation :)
Jicks, thanks! I would wither up and die if I had to move every 2 years!!! I *really* don't like moving and unpacking:-/ I'm so glad homeschooling is going well...we're adjusting to Isaac's non-schedule, but Anna is really enjoying it (so am I!). I'll pass on the birthday wishes! :)