Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Stockyards

If you ever visit Fort Worth, I highly suggest visiting the Stockyards! It is so neat and lots of fun for everyone!! They have twice daily cattle drives, so Saturday we made our way down there to catch it. Let's just say I don't like Sally anymore! (Sally is what Scott named our GPS. hehe) In her defense, I'm sure she needs an update. Anyway, for several reasons, we were late for the cattle drive. We did walk around and went to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and Anna had her first field trip (impromptu as it was!). It was actually really interesting...even Aaron liked it. Jacob had a hard time keeping his hands off all the wagon/carriage wheels, though!
So before we left on Sunday, we tried again. We made it in plenty of time...I had the time 30 minutes early! So we took advantage of the extra time and relative emptiness to let the kids explore and have fun.

Daddy gave Anna her pick of anything in the cowgirl hat, new shirt, new hat, new hat...and what does she pick? ANOTHER little horse! :) I shoulda known!! This one she named Callie and she came in a super cute little purse. (Isaac scratched her on the nose...ouch!)

In what used to be the cattle yard at the railroad, there are now shops, restaurants, and kiddie rides! Only a quarter each! :)


Poor Isaac. He didn't get a whole lot of good sleep on this trip between being in the same room as all the rest of us and his few-and-far-between naps getting interrupted. But he was still usually in such a good mood. Such a good baby!

Before the cattle drive started, the cowboys were hanging around visiting with people. One of them we talked to (his horse's name was Charlie) said they only have one of the original steer from 1999 when they started doing the drive! There were about 15 steer in the drive that was about 1 city block long.

You could tell these dudes have done this a few times.

It was such a fun experience! This was our first real family vacation and it was a blast!! Laid back, not a lot of scheduled was fun.

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