Saturday, November 8, 2008


I guess we should have left him with Papa and Binga overnight sooner! Jacob finally started walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited about that?) Aaron & I went to a marriage conference Friday and Saturday (it was awesome!), so my parents came down to keep the kids (THANK YOU!). I called on our way home and Dad said "I've got a couple things to show you." I asked if it was good or bad and he said I'd have to wait. I kinda thought maybe this is what it was, but I long ago gave up on that stubborn boy walking before he turned two! So they showed us the video of it--they used Papa's laptop as a motivator! The boy loves computers and cannot keep his hands off our desktop (which is why it's usually just shut off!). It's so cute b/c he'll stand up then look around at everybody and clap his hands, as if to say "Come on, clap for me!" Then he takes shaky steps. Tonight he's taken over 7 steps at once. Sometimes he tries to take off running before he gets his balance. He still prefers to crawl to get there, but he thinks it's pretty fun to walk and get all the clapping and praises! :)

Every picture, he's clapping. What a ham.

I LOVE this picture!!! :) He'll hate me for it some day (well, not me...I didn't take it!).

With his cheerleader, standing up like a big boy at Great Grandpa Elmer & Grandma Mary's house (Papa & Binga took them out there Friday to visit).

Clap for him, already!! He also chews on his tongue while he's walking. It's super cute! :)

Grandma Mary's cat had more kittens! Anna just adores kitties. But she so sweet--somehow she completely understands that Mama is allergic and she's okay with not bringing one home! She's such a sweet girl.


Beth Wheatcroft said...

Congratulations Jacob!

Tim and Eliana said...

It is wonderful that Jacob is now walking. I am very glad to see those photos.