Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I had a whole post typed last night and I hit the wrong button and it was gone! But I reminded myself that it was just a silly post and was nothing to get frustrated about (see, I'm learning!!)
So anyway, sleep has been weird here lately. With the time change, Jacob has been waking up at 5:30/6:00am (that is so NOT cool in my book!). He's usually soaked through everything, including the sheet, so I have to change everything. Some mornings he's gone back to sleep after all that, but a couple mornings he's decided it's just time to be awake. Yikes. This morning, he was up at 5:30am. Grrr! I changed his diaper, he drank a bit of juice and went right back to sleep. Whew! Anna has decided she wants to have the couch be her bed. Every night this week, she's slept out here. And every night, she's slept all night (except the first night I think she woke up at 4am, but Aaron was already gone, so she climbed in with me and slept til like 9). She says she doesn't like sharing a room with Jacob anymore (she's does she know?!). Aaron says it's a conspiracy to get a bigger house :) We only have 2 bedrooms, for those who don't know, so Anna's options are either the bedroom with Jacob or (evidently) the couch! I say if she sleeps all night, she can have it!! haha Maybe she was just waiting for curtains before she made her move out here.
We also started a "chore" chart for her. It's actually a dry erase board with a chore chart on it and little star magnets. She LOVES it. She gets a little "allowance" for doing all her chores every day. Guess what one of the chores is?? SLEEPING ALL NIGHT! ha!!! Hey, it's working. She also gets a "new" movie if she sleeps all night a few nights in a row. (We're trying out netflix, which I think will be pretty cool). We made the mistake of renting a movie from CMart for her, so now she realizes that there are "new" movies out there and no longer likes to watch the same Dora or Boz repeatedly!
Alright, I've procrastinated long enough. Anna fell asleep this afternoon, so she's thrashing around trying to fight sleep. It's so strange to me that she can't take a nap when she's so young still. She is NOT my daughter! ;)
Oh, here's a pic of a HUGE leaf Anna found--well, she found several of them. She was amazed (so was I!) at how big it was...


Jenn said...

That leaf is so cool!

Tim and Eliana said...

When Jacob was a baby, how often did he wake up during the night? Just wondering since Andrew is almost here. Thanks for the comment in our blog.. it was very encouraging.

Jennifer said...

Jenn--I know!! I couldn't believe the size of it! I'm not sure where it came from--a neighbor somewhere b/c our trees don't have those kinds of leaves. She found a whole bunch of them.