Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's only just begun...

We've already had two Thanksgiving gatherings--only two more to go! Seriously, it's CRAZY! We went to Colorado to spend time with Aaron's family last weekend, since his brother & family were in from Alaska and won't be back for Christmas. We had fun, except for the kids being and/or getting sick! Jacob got pink eye the day we left, Anna developed a double ear infection while we were there. So we got very little sleep. Oh well!

Anna & cousin John begging turkey off Grandpa before dinner.

My kids are absolutely mesmerized by Grandpa's guitar playing and singing. They love it.

The family pic. At Great-Grandma's house. Last time we had a Wallman family pic was when Anna & John were babies!

The men being goofy (they were the lighting test subjects before we took the real pictures).
This weekend is my family's Thanksgiving out west. It will be more fun, but hopefully more sleep since the kids are on antibiotics now! Anna is excited to goo see the kitties at Great Grandma Mary's house. I better finish the laundry and re-pack!! And this is just for Thanksgiving! Christmas will be even crazier! But it's well worth it to spend time with family.

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Staci said...

What a great family picture! Have fun this week!