Saturday, November 1, 2008

My little worker

Anna went shopping with me today. We were in desperate need of groceries and I needed to get something I'd been pricing and hunting for....curtains for my living room!! Anyone who has stayed with us will appreciate this as much as we do:) We had 3 fairly large windows in the living room and since we repainted months ago, we haven't had curtains up. Before there were vertical blinds (came with the house). They were no fashion statement, but they kept the sun/heat and cold out pretty good. But when I repainted, the trim got painted white and the cream blinds did not match and they were just ick! Anyway, I finally got some curtains. And not just any curtains...thermal curtains!! haha They "block out 99.8% of light" (we'll see) and are supposed to help conserve energy with their "triple weave technology". Again, we'll see! I got them at Walmart. They're kind of a suede like fabric. They don't seem very thick, but I think they'll work pretty good. It will be better than nothing. Our windows are probably as old as our house (90yrs.), but since we don't have thousands of dollars to spend on new windows right now, this is our fix for now. I like them. They aren't the color I really wanted, but they look good. So while Aaron and I were working on putting up the rods and pullbacks (is that what they're called?), Anna helped, and then she went off on her own and created a surprise for me:)

Using a screwdriver just her size! (Yes, it's pink. I have pink tools--Aaron is much less likely to use pink tools and he's notorious for not putting tools back where they belong!)

"Now measure it..." :) She made me a skateboard!

And here's my curtains! That's about half of that window (it's two together).

You can't really see it, but I had to get a picture of my manly husband using a pink screwdriver :D Love ya honey!!!!!

My leafy curtain rods :)

I think I'll like having the pullback thingies. I like all the light that comes in during the day, so it will be nice to be able to quickly pull the curtains back.
We'll see what Jacob does with them in the morning. I just really hope he doesn't pull them down!!! I'm not looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree this year...I think the bottom half will be BARE! ha


Beth Wheatcroft said...

They look great. We have those same curtains from WalMart and they do a great job of keeping the light out (they're especially great in the girls' room - they've slept in more since putting them up). I can't attest yet to whether they really keep out the cold. Like you our windows are quite old. Last year I discovered that we don't actually have glass windows but more like plexi-glass and I could actually push on them a bit and stick my fingers out between the panes - can you say breezey! Anyway, they look great!

Anonymous said...

Man Anna looks so grown up. Nice stuff. So we will actually be able to sleep in privacy now?