Friday, November 7, 2008


Jacob hasn't been sleeping good--because by 6am he is SOAKED--through every single thing in his crib! He does drink a lot during the day and usually 1/2 a cup or more before bed, but I can't not let him drink--he's always so thirsty! Has anybody else had this problem? Was there a particular diaper that absorbed really really good? I use Luvs b/c with the Parent's Choice he would leak through even during the day. I KNOW that he would sleep longer if he didn't get so wet. This morning, I had to change him (he was wet from toes to chest!), 2 blankets in his crib were very wet, of course his sheet, and even the mattress pad was soaked! He's still really tired and most of the time will go back to sleep for at least an hour.
Yesterday Anna had her little friend over :) They had so much fun!! He was sick earlier this week, so we were patiently waiting for him to get better so he could come and play! They were so cute. I missed the cutest picture--them walking down the hall, Jake with the grocery cart and Anna with her doll & stroller! haha

A couple nights ago Daddy took the kids for a ride...on the computer chair! They thought it was the best! Anna did a really good job of holding on tight to Jacob. They had fun and at 11pm last night after Papa & Binga were here, she was begging for Papa to give her a ride!


Jaime said...

What about Pamper's? That's what we use mostly, even though they are expensive and have never had a leak. She only leaked when we used cloth for a while.

Also, does he sleep with his butt in the air? I heard that this can cause leaks and that one mom put a maxi pad (ha ha) at the top of her sons diaper during the night because he was tipped that way.

Hope you get it figured out soon. Doesn't sound like fun for him or for you . . . all that laundry!

Abby said...

I agree with the Pampers. Nathan wears Huggies, but Pampers worked awesome when he was younger and was leaking a lot. Also you may need to go up a size at night. Nathan is in size 5 (has been for quite awhile) but we might go to size 6 at nights since he sleeps so long :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Abby & Jaime. I think I started out with Pampers on Jacob after the PC brand didn't work. I might have to try them again. I hadn't thought of going up a size (definitely didn't think of using a maxi pad!! haha). Jacob's been in size 5 for a long time now and they don't seem too small, but I'm sure being able to get them even snugger would help. I think I've seen an "overnight" diaper from Huggies maybe? I'll have to look around. And I just might try a maxi pad, Jaime!!! :)
Thanks girls!

Jennifer said...

And I just realized that my "weeee" title can mean more than just an expression of glee as the kids were getting rides on the computer chair. HAHAHA! :)