Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Anna & Jacob's little friends came over to play yesterday. They had so much fun. Anna and Jake get along really well--I just love watching them and seeing how excited they get to see each other. And what a blessing it is for both of us moms to be able to trade off and get some quiet time (even if that quiet time is running around doing errands!) They stayed very busy playing...

You'da thought there was a throw-down going on with all the noise in there...pots and pans were being banged around and I'm pretty sure more than one thing got thrown on the floor ;) No fighting, they were just being crazy cooks!

This was so funny. They each found their own "phone" and holy smokes they let whoever they were talking to have it!!! They were hollering and chewing out..."NO you can't. You're naughty. huff puff harumph!" Then they would slam the phone down somewhere and go play, then back at the phones. I just laughed most of the day with these two!

Okay, my Anna's face is a little bit scary! Kim, I promise she did NOT proceed to stomp on your Anna's head after this shot!!!!! Yikes! That mattress is a real pain b/c we have nowhere to really "store" it, but it's nice to have b/c 1)it really entertains the kids 2)it comes in handy when we need an extra sleeping spot for somebody. So for now it just gets leaned up against the wall in the hallway. And when the kids feel like jumping on it, they simply push it over and have at it!
All that jumping wore them out. How precious is this?! Jake was pretty upset when he realized I was serious about taking a nap. I was going to have "baby Anna" (as the kids call her) lay on the Dora couch, but that didn't work. Plus Jake just cried and cried "Baby Anna, baby Anna!". So all THREE of them slept in our bed! And surprisingly enough, it only took 5-10 min. of me singing for them to fall asleep.
Yeah, she drools big time. Just like me...I mean like I used to do when I was a kid.
All four of them were asleep at the same time....I was ready to get some work done! Not happenin'. Jacob woke up (which is rare these days). Got him back to sleep pretty quickly. Then I hear something from my room. I go check and baby Anna and Jake are awake. I'm pretty sure baby Anna woke him up b/c he was pretty glassy eyed still. I tried rubbing their backs, tickling their faces, but she wasn't having it. Then Jacob woke up again so I told them to go back to sleep and I would be back (I'm not sure Jake was ever fully awake!). As I was rocking Jacob in his room, I could hear the other bedroom door slamming. I put Jacob back in bed (must to his protest!) and go in....I wish I'd had a camera. Anna and Jake were perched at the edge of the bed on their tummies, hands under their chins--baby Anna was standing beside the bed looking up at them. They were telling her to "shhhh!!!" It was so sweet and funny! :) So they had about a 45 min. nap!
We all had fun...so much fun that when I took baby Anna's forgotten jacket over, they wanted Anna & Jacob to stay at their house and play! haha So they stayed and played for a while. And today, they're over playing again so I can get some things done around the house and get the van serviced before our trip. THANKS KIM!!!!!


Lambert Loggings said...

You got some great pictures!! I love pictures of children sleeping!! They look so peaceful (and innocent)! THANKS again!!

Staci said...

Love the phone pic! lol!! Sounds like the kids have lots of fun playing together!