Monday, November 17, 2008

Rambling and Pictures :)

I figured I should "unload" my camera before we make our trek to Colorado to see family...I had a lot more pictures on there than I thought I did! ha We've been busy with life...nothing in particular. Anna's sleep is again wack-o. I don't know what's going on. We're trying naps again, b/c by late afternoon, she's a wreck and so tired. And you would think being that tired, she'd sleep hard but it doesn't happen. I miss the days she slept 12-14 hrs. a night. :( I'm not going to say anything about Jacob's sleeping habits--don't want to jinx it!! I did solve the leak problem--Huggies Overnight diapers. Those things hold an astronomical amount of pee! They should for how much they cost, but it's worth the extra hours of sleep!!
So Sunday afternoon, Anna was a little hyper (Daddy wasn't helping matters). They were singing a song that went a little like this:
Daddy: Anna wants a whomp-whomp (our word for a pretend 'pankin')
Anna: No no no no no no (and then she blows her little harmonica)
It was quite hilarious. I think she was getting the harmonica thing from her Veggie Tales movie where Larry sings the blues with the Lincoln Lemon. She was very serious about her song. Daddy would switch up the names and everybody got a no for the whomp-whomps except for Daddy! :)

"No-no, no, no-no-no-no!"

Uhh, can we say SASSY?!

Anna distracted the adults, so Jacob seized the opportunity to get into Mama's purse undetected! Little stinker.

Saturday night we ate at Pizza Hut with the Swiharts. They got the kids each a new book. Jacob LOVED his book. It was a race car book. I think I read it to him at least 20 times (I'm not exaggerating, I promise!). At the end of the book, the car wins the race so I said "Yea!!". So this is the face he made every time we came to the end of the book. I'm positive I did NOT look like that, so I'm not sure where he got that face. ahem...

I don't know why we spend any money on toys for this child (oh, wait...we don't!). She loves this box. Of course, what kid wouldn't when Daddy races you up and down the hallway in it?? :)

Daddy's football watching partner (for a little bit, anyway!)

We went out west for my great-grandma's funeral last week. We got to stay with Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry in their new house!! It was so much fun. Jacob had a very hard time staying away from Uncle Terry's tractor display cases...the boy loves them, what can I say? Anna was so excited to see the books. She made Aunt Cara read her these 2 Berenstain Bears books at least 3 times each! I don't know why she looks so completely angry in this picture...I guess she was just concentrating on the story! haha Jacob enjoyed looking at his own book.

I stuck Jacob in my old rocking chair the other day...he loves it. Thinks he's such a big boy sitting there. Except now he's figured out that he can climb up by himself and STAND and try to rock it. Good grief. I'm seeing more than one set of stitches in his future!

Oh man. This night, she FOUGHT it so hard. Both kids were out cold by 8pm. Aaron & I were like--whoa! We can actually watch a movie or something! By 10:30, she was awake. With every excuse in the book she tried valiantly to stay out of bed. Finally by 12:30 I just ignored her when she came into our bedroom yet again. I was trying to finish my work on the laptop. She climbed into this rocking chair and FELL that. I'm telling you, this kid just wants to be close to you when she sleeps. Nevermind that, technically, she's closer to us when she's on the couch (there's simply a wall separating us--literally. She's right up to the wall on one side and our bed is right up to the same wall on the other side). I don't know. I guess we'll just have to send her to "Papa Boot Camp" hahahaha!
Okay, so that's a lot of pictures and a lot of blah blah blah ;) thanks for reading this far.

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