Monday, November 3, 2008

Is it ever going to END?

Maybe I just didn't notice it Saturday night, but good grief the evenings are LOOOOONG now that the time changed. I keep bedtime EVER going to come?!? I made the mistake of letting Jacob go to bed early last night b/c he was so tired. He was up before 7am...that's NOT okay in my house!! Anna fell asleep really late yesterday afternoon, so she was up well after 10pm. She was also up around 7:30. I know, I know...that's 8:30 "their time" but it's 7:30!!! So tonight, Anna is falling asleep at the supper 6:30pm. The bath woke her up. Jacob's been crawling around with his head on the floor for 2 hours, but dad-burn-it he's going to bed a little later tonight so hopefully he sleeps later! I really don't like that it gets dark by 6pm. I think that's why the evenings feel so long. So we're a little tired around here!

Chillin' with Dora (again). He loves her. Anna has a little Dora movie projector thing (it's awesome)...he'll seriously sit and watch that for at least an hour. He spins it around and watches it on the wall, lays down next to it and looks at it real's pretty funny.
Anna's probably frowning b/c she's so stinkin' tired. She better get more sleep tonight or I'm shipping her off to Papa's house! haha (I'm kidding)

Anna was serving tea and while she got distracted with looking for a snack (seriously...these kids have been eating like there's no tomorrow), Jacob snuck over and started playing with her tea pot. Of course, he was just fascinated by taking the lid on and off.

She really is sound asleep. We had to get her new jammies...her 3Ts were getting a weeee bit short. Can you say wedgie?!? And Gerber no longer makes footie jammies in the 4T size. So I had to shell out a little extra cash for the Disney footies (the only ones they had in her size). They had Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell (which is now her favorite after seeing that new movie). They are so soft and warm.
So here's to hoping the evenings get shorter and the kids start sleeping later! It doesn't help that it's light outside by 7:30. Although the new curtains do awesome at keeping the light out. It hasn't been really cold again since I got them, so I don't know about keeping that out yet. I need to get something on my huge kitchen window b/c that kinda defeats the purpose of blocking the light out! And the black-out curtains I made for the kids' room do really good at keeping it dark in there.
Time for bed! (I hope...) :)


Abby said...

I think our lives are way too similar! Nathan got up at 7 this morning, he usually gets up around 8:30. It was a long morning!

Lambert Loggings said...

That picture of Anna sleeping in your(?) arms is priceless!! What a perfect picture of peaceful contentment.

Staci said...

I'm right there with ya!!