Friday, October 31, 2008

Poodle skirt & light sabers and special friends

Uncle Windell sent us our costumes again this year (he's been our "supplier" since Anna's 1st Halloween). Anna was VERY excited about hers. Jacob didn't really know what was going on, but he wasn't havin' the hat! They were super cute and Anna had fun. We only go to a few houses, and of course the college. The funniest thing of the night was when we were at a friend's house and Jacob was squirming to get out of my arms. I finally let him get down and he headed straight for the coffee table (he likes to sweep everything off tables he can reach). So I went for him. My friend said "Oh he can't hurt anything." Anna says "You never can tell!" HA!!!

Mr. Vader (Darth Vader from Star Wars....not as scary as it could have been!) And this is the only picture I got with the hat on.

The 50s girl! (or pities guhl, as Anna said)

She was soooo good to stand still and let me fix her hair like this. Her hair is so smooth that it's not quick to pull it all back, and she usually wears it parted down the middle, so it's not easy to pull straight back either! She didn't even mind letting me curl it. I had fun:)

I didn't remember to get a treat bag, so she just used this one Aaron got from his half-marathon. It was HUGE, but oh well. As people said--that makes it all the longer before you have to go home with a full bag! ha

He only had one piece of candy, I promise! :) He was intent on watching Dora tonight. It was hilarious. He was totally chilled out in the recliner.

Earlier today, Kim's kids came over to play for a bit. They had so much fun! It got confusing more than once because their names just so happen to be Jake and Anna, too!!! So I had to use middle names! It wasn't too bad with the boys, b/c we usually call ours Jacob and hers is always Jake, but the Anna's...well, there was no way around that! So middle names it was. But it was still confusing! It's very funny. And they're very close in ages. Anna & Jake are about 5 months apart, and Anna and Jacob are only a couple months apart. Anyway, they went outside to play and decided to clean up the leaves! No prompting from me, I promise.

The other Anna stepped back to survey the work...

Aren't they cute? Jake and my Anna (Jake calls her Anna 2-A--it's so funny!) are such little buddies. I told Anna yesterday that they were coming over to play today and the first thing she does this morning is open the front door..."to see if Jake is here!!". And Kim said Jake was waiting on their porch for a long time this morning for us to come! :)
So it's been a busy, but fun day! And Daddy had to work really late tonight, so he missed out on the treating. :(


Ange said...

Oops. I posted under the wrong post. So to repeat. I love the costumes. The kids looked adorable!

Lambert Loggings said...

Your kids look so cute in their costumes! Did you teach Anna any Fifties songs or how to dance to Twist & Shout??
I love the pics of the Annas and Jacobs outside! That was such a cute scene to drive up to!!! Thanks again!!