Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun in the leaves

*lots of pictures again!*
We spent the week at Papa & Binga's house taking care (ha) of Binga. We were ALL excited
when Papa got home. :) I think Papa was just as excited as Anna!

Anna tries to push Papa into the leaves, then gives up and says "Let's play hide and seek!" :)
I'm gonna get you Papa!!

Hmmm...I think she lost that one!

Here I come Anna!!!

I see you Papa! Here I come to get you!

Papa didn't exactly hide, but you'd have never known it by the way Anna acted! She just ran over there and waited until she got right up to him to say "Pound you!!!!!" (For future reference...she says p's instead of f's)

Papa made a GREAT BIG pile of leaves! It was so much fun!!!

And then he TRUE (threw) me in it!


and over....

and over!!!

Binga even true me in!

And covered me up!

Jacob wasn't so sure about those leaves.

Binga, I'm not sure I like this. I prefer just having a few to choose from when I eat leaves!

No, no Jacob. You don't eat PLAY in them!

Jacob decided he preferred the view from the sidewalk better!

We had a lot of fun that was the only day all week that it didn't rain! Mom has to do chemo weekly for another 3 weeks because the swelling came back. So I think the plan is to see where it's at after this 4 weeks of weekly doses and go from there. Please pray that this will take the swelling down and that it won't be too hard on her. Again, it's not the kind of chemo they use for cancer, so it doesn't make her nauseous or her hair fall out. But it does make her ache and drain all of her energy. She also has to do some stuff with her thyroid stuff (like how much I used stuff in this sentence???) next week, which will also drain her energy and make her feel yucky. So, it'll be a fun week :( If you're new ( I have new people reading this?? ha) you can read all about this here if you want. Thanks for praying.


Jenn said...

How fun!!! Love the look on Anna's face in that third pic...cute!

Jennifer said...

She had so much fun! I think Papa had just as much fun... :)She's blessed to have such a fun Papa.

Staci said...

I'm new to reading ;) So thanks for the link for me!

Looks like the kids LOVED the leaves!!