Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Muffins, tea parties, and driving

We had a visit from Grandpa & Grandma last week! Anna had a lot of fun having tea parties with her three tea sets (yes, she really does have 3 tea sets!!)

Yet another picture to prove that tongue biting really IS in the genes!

Evidently making blue berry muffins is serious work! :)

While I reinstalled the car seats, the kids played "drive the van". Jacob's not a big fan of the horn!

I can't believe they're actually letting me play with this thing that has such BIG wheels!!!

Yesterday it rained ALL DAY LONG. When Anna and I came home from the store, she saw a rainbow. She was sooooooo excited!! So we ran inside (okay, she ran I walked) and told Daddy. Then she kept running to the back door to look at it again. One time she yelled "It's GROWING!!!" She was right--at one point we could see all the colors!

Not a great picture of it, but a picture of it none-the-less!

He's decided to start "cruising" again! Yippeee! And now he'll even walk on the wood floors. I really hope he starts walking on his own VERY SOON!

This is an early birthday present for me :) This cabinet was returned or something, so Aaron got it very cheap. It's my new scrapbooking cabinet!!! The drawers are really long and there's quite a bit of space between the drawers, so I can fit a LOT in there. And actually, the top of it is big enough that I could scrapbook on there (at least put my pages together--there's not enough room to have everything out on there). One of these days I WILL have a craft room for my scrapbooking and sewing machine! And when that day comes, I'll have a great cabinet for the room :)

We also had Bruce and Shirley visit this weekend for a big party (Ben got engaged!!). Aaron got the genius idea to go to the football game IN OKLAHOMA...after a night of precious little sleep. I think that's why I agreed to go--b/c I was so sleep deprived. We skipped out on the pumpkin patch b/c I knew the kids would have melt downs half way thru things. I figured since we had a 3 hr. drive down to the game, they would probably sleep most of the way. Oh no. Jacob slept for maybe an hour total. Anna didn't sleep at all. They were pretty good. But then we got to the game and it was HOT and WINDY and the sun was BLAZING. I was not prepared for that weather! And of course, there was NO shade for most of the game. 2nd half there was a teeny bit of shade, so we claimed it. I had to run to the store and get sunscreen (a rip off b/c the only store I could find was a gas station). Naturally by the time I got back, the kids were both asleep and didn't need it!! And to top it all off, we lost big time :( But it was fun riding with the Swiharts! :) We even managed to keep the kids awake all the way home (Anyone want to sing Zaccheus or hot dogs?!?)!

I also found out why Anna hasn't been sleeping at night-she's got tonsillitis, probably strep! She NEVER complained about her throat hurting, so I had no idea. But they both had nasty coughs that just weren't going away. Jacob's throat was okay, but I have no doubt that he'll end up with it too. At least the medicine tastes good for it! So we're laying low and Mama is trying to function on this little sleep :(

PS-Thanks Jenn for posting that song. I have more to post about that Bible study, but that will have to wait for later when the kids are in bed and I don't get interrupted a million times :)


Jaime said...

Where is that cabinet located in your house? I can't picture where that is at. Poor Anna (and Jacob) I hope they are both better soon!

Jennifer said...

It's in the kitchen, by the big window at the front of the house. We had to move that hutch over and put the cabinet in the corner--otherwise it stuck out too far. We're getting very crowded here!! :)

Jenn said...

Awww you're welcome. That song really gets to me...

The rainbow pic is beautiful!

My Jordan actually had 2 little tea sets...of which she just gave up recently to a 6 yr old little girl. =( That means my little girl is not so little anymore...

She is still very girlie tho, and we have such fun times in the stage she is in now too. Josh too! It amazes me to think that in 3 yrs she will be driving a car!!! Oh, I can't think of it! lol!

Jaime said...

I would imagine you are crowded but the house looks awesome from the pics I've seen. I love the floors and colors and everything! I don't remember it being that way when we lived in KS.

Jennifer said...

The floors were put in just before Jacob was born. The kitchen walls have always been blue, but we painted the living room/hallway chocolate brown in March or April I think. And put the new baseboards up. We're slowly making some improvements as we go. It's an old house--there's ALWAYS something to do! :)
(thanks btw for the compliment. I want to paint the kitchen a tan to match a little better with the living room. We got a new stove a few months ago and plan on replacing the cabinet fronts as some point)