Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm not very good at expressing myself when it comes to politics. Well, that's not exactly true. I know how to express it, I'm just not as good at it as Dad! But I just can't not say anything. The more I hear, the more concern I have. I received an email from Family Research Council the other day about Obama's health care plan. I'll paste the Q&A they did with his spokesperson.

While the health care debate has largely focused on whom the candidates' plans will fund, more Americans need to understand exactly what they would fund. In a recent exchange with Senator Obama's spokesman, the group RH Reality Check posted the campaign's answers to a health care questionnaire on its website. The discussion begins with Obama's assertion, "Reproductive health care is an essential service -- just like mental health care... And private insurers that want to participate [in the Obama plan] will have to treat reproductive health care in the same way." According to these excerpts, Obama's plan would treat abortion as a basic health care mandate for both taxpayers and private health insurers to subsidize.

REALITY CHECK (RC): Does Senator Obama support adolescents' access to confidential family planning and reproductive health services, without having to seek permission from their parents?

OBAMA CAMPAIGN (OC): Yes. As the father of two daughters... Obama wants to be sure that there is access to a trained health care provider that can provide needed services or help them make good decisions.

RC: Does Sen. Obama... think adolescents should be able to access emergency contraception over the counter?

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: ...[H]e does believe that teenagers should be able to access EC over the counter. As noted above, he supports the right of adolescents to seek confidential family planning services.

RH: Does Sen. Obama support the Hyde Amendment [which bans federal funding of abortion]?

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: Obama does not support the Hyde Amendment.

RC: Does Sen. Obama support the continued federal funding for crisis pregnancy centers?


I understand that this man is charismatic and a lot of people think he can bring great change to this nation. Is this the kind of change we want? He's willing for the government to fund abortions but not crisis pregnancy centers. This is only one of the many things that concerns me about this candidate. I've typed and deleted for 5 minutes because I can't express what I think about all this. Maybe I'll have Dad "guest post" :D Wanna be a blogger for a day Dad??


Anonymous said...

yeah right, I will get as long winded as the answer to your one with your friend. Did you do anything with that one? Was too long probably, I don't think your blog is long enough for me to say everything about the annointed one...

Janet said...

I heard Michael Youssef say today that there is so much concern for human rights but not for the right to be human. How can someone be so against the war and yet support abortion....I don't understand that. To allow babies to cry until they die since they did not die during the abortion process.....or to pierce the skull of a baby that is almost delivered and is almost full term.....what kind of human rights is that? It is horrifying to know that our tax dollars are going to be used for this.

Staci said...

I voted this past week. I think I double checked my ballot 3 times to make sure I checked McCain! lol! Now all I can do is pray.

You should check out my brother's blog for some good discussion/videos. Follow the link to Caleb & Audria's blog off of my blog.