Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My baby's FIRST haircut!!

Okay, first of all our wireless is FINALLY working (thanks to a computer genius friend who works here). So I'm sitting quite comfortably in my recliner with the tunes playing on the TV blogging. Oh wait, I mean I'm working...ahem.
On to my baby's haircut! Anna has never had her hair cut...EVER (nor does she have any desire to try it out), so this was my first baby haircut too :) He did really good. He wiggled a lot (hello? The boy never sits still unless he's passed out sleeping.) but she did a good job of snipping quickly!

Here's his mini mullet before the haircut (I don't know what's up with Daddy's face--scary!)
And the after more mullet!! He looks so grown up now!

Another before shot with big sister. And it's just a precious picture :)

He was such a big boy--sat in the chair (on a booster seat) all by himself! He liked the cape (mostly liked to chew on it).

He was hammin' it up before she got started snipping.

But then she started messin' with his hair and he turned his head as if to say "Who are YOU and what exactly do you think you're doing?!"

Dingy Mama forgot to bring ANYTHING to distract him with. Good grief. Luckily there was one children's book there, so I read it to him, flipped the pages at him, fanned him with it...anything short of letting him eat it or rip it to keep him distracted from the fact that someone was messing with his hair!

Another "after" shot from the side. I wish the top was just a tad bit shorter, too but at least the mini mullet is gone now! :)

I got my hair cut today too. Of course after Jacob's so Daddy could take the hooligans (what was with them today?! Holy cow) home and I could have some blissful peace and quiet--except for the chatty lady getting her nails done; I don't think she stopped talking the entire time she was there! Seriously, what is better than having someone else wash your hair (why is that so relaxing??) and fix your hair? I pretty much doze during my haircuts. I always worry that the hairdresser will think I'm totally rude, but I can't help it! Anyway, the reason I got another haircut: what a story this is. While visiting the parents, I decided to go to a chain place (okay, it was the hair place in WalMart!) and get about an inch cut off. I've been to some of those chain places before while up there (not this one) and they've done good. Anyway, Cassie and I walk in and the lady in there looks good...until she turns around! Not to be mean, but she was scary looking! And I'm quite certain that she was NOT sober!!!!! She had a nice haircut/style, so I figured surely she couldn't do too much harm (I'm stupid, I know). Her eyes were completely bloodshot, her movements were very slow and deliberate, and she got seriously like 6" from my face when she was cutting my hair! Yikes. Well, she didn't do a horrible job--at least it was a fixable bad cut! Next time, I'll either go to the place that Mom goes or just be patient and wait til I get home!! There are no before and afters for me (I don't like my picture being taken, in case you haven't noticed). I really should though b/c I'll never be able to style it as cute/good as she does.

Okay, enough procrastinating! I have to clean up some more and GO TO BED! Bible study tomorrow. I need to write a post about that sometime. It's a very convicting, humbling, awesome study called "Respectable Sins" by Jerry Bridges. I highly recommend it, even just as a personal study.


Binga said...

How sweet! Did you save the hair for his baby book? He isn't a baby anymore he is a BIG boy!!

Jennifer said...

Well of course I did Binga! No promises on when it will actually get put IN the scrapbook... :)

Jenn said...

ohhh, he does look like such a grown up boy now... sweet lil' head... awwwww

ik what you mean. i get impatient w/my hair, and can't wait sometimes...and have regretted it too.

glad it wasn't too bad of a cut, and you could still work with it.

that Bible study sounds great!

blessings (and i'm off to bed too...ZZZZzzzz), jenn

Cynthia said...

It has been great getting to see you on Thursday mornings! I was thinking this morning that Jacob was looking older, must have been the hair cut. Your kids are adorable :)

Abby said...

Oh the haircuts, I was sad too, but my son has a 'fro and it has been cut 5 times this year!
Believe it or not our sermon on Sunday was titled Respectable Sins, our pastor has mentioned that book. We are working through Romans and it has been a very good series.
I bought the D.Delicious cookbook and made the mac and cheese last night - loved it!! I am going to try the tacos with sweet potatoes this weekend.
Have a great weekend!