Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our favorite meal

*Lots of pictures again! My kids are just so cute, I can't help it! ;)*
My kids have always loved spaghetti and Iowa sweet corn. And when I say love, I mean they eat a LOT when I fix this meal! Case in point:
He is a MESS!!!

Don't even THINK about takin' my corn Mama!

Contrary to her face here, she loves this meal (she had 2 helpings!). She was having a little bit of trouble staying awake during supper.

Jacob loves the dishwasher. He very quietly climbed up there tonight. I'm surprised he didn't bust the door!

Oh my stars. Look at that boy! He is so ornery. It makes me tired just seeing that face!!!

And this one's got the sass! She's 3 and already talks on the phone with her hand on her hip! Look out teenage years (I think I'm going gray just thinking about it!)

Telling us all about what she's cooking. She was very persistent about me bringing her kitchen set to the real kitchen so she could cook supper with me. I think she made as big of a mess as I did!!

I'm suddenly very tired... ;)

The men did the dishes tonight after supper. This picture is so precious :)

And Jacob is getting his FIRST haircut tomorrow!!!! I'm excited b/c let's be honest...he's got a mullet (and we don't do mullets in our house). But I'm also sad b/c I know he'll look like a "big boy" after it's cut. Time goes so fast. I really hope he does okay. I think as long as she doesn't use the clippers, he'll be fine (he's not fond of loud noises). In a couple years, I'm sure I'll be cutting his hair (like I cut Aaron's and like my mom cut the men's in our family growing up). But I don't want to try on a squirmy 1 yr. old for his 1st haircut!

Hello Gomer Pyle! ha

This boy was T.I.R.E.D. at lunch today! I was emailing and he screamed, so I turned around to tell him "Use your man voice!" (for the 999,999,999th time today!) and he was having trouble keeping his head upright. Nevermind the eyes...he knew keeping those open was hopeless. But he valiantly tried keeping his head up. I let him bob for a bit so I could get a good video (I don't have a fancy video camera, so I can't post the video on here). He didn't even move when I picked him up (except for his head falling even farther when I moved his tray!). It was quite comical :)

My little mother hen :) Feeding her baby (one of her hundred)

Today was laundry day. Not only did I have a couple loads to catch up on folding, our foster son (foster as in college kid (who happens to be my 2nd cousin) we "adopt" for the school year) brought over about 4 loads of laundry, too! I love doing it for them (3 of my cousins are students here, plus Aaron brought in another one this year!!) So I washed, hung out, dried, and folded clothes all day today! I actually don't mind doing laundry...I just don't like putting it away! Which is why there's a basket full of folded clothes waiting to be put away!!! Anyway, Anna decided she would use Seth's laundry basket as her lounging spot to watch cartoons. I thought she was asleep at first, but she wasn't. Just very comfy!


Shelley said...

that laundry basket pic is priceless!

Jenn said...

such wonderful pics. those ruby slippers are bringing back memories of my daughter's wizard of oz birthday party yrs ago...i can't believe how time flies. i'll have to find that pic and blog it...

i love that spaghetti face too! tooooo cute!

Jennifer said...

I ran to get my camera when I walked in and saw her sprawled like that! And she was very insistant on wearing those sparkly shoes...ALL.DAY.LONG! There are still red sparklies all over the house. Cuteness has a price eh?
I just threw Jacob in the tub after that meal! What a mess!!

Jenn said...

oh yes! i remember too well those sparklies coming off everywhere... lol!