Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Randomness & pictures of course! (updated)

  • I'm really glad Jacob isn't sick anymore. He's never really been sick before and I don't like it. He had Roseola--scary high fevers, then a rash. Which means he didn't sleep, he was fussy and clingy all day and the high fevers made him throw up. The poor guy was miserable. Let's just say the laundry was piled high and the house was a disaster for 6 days!
  • Anna acts a lot like my hyper brother...it's a little scary! ;)
  • Jacob really does need a haircut (see picture below of the mullet!)
  • I'm really just procrastinating cleaning up the house. And b/c I'm procrastinating, I'm missing out on getting some sleep--why am I so dumb?!
  • I'm not liking my haircut anymore. My hair has gotten worse after each kid--it used to be so blonde and smooth and nice. Now it's not really blonde and it's not really brown with a little bit of red mixed in. And it's frizzy and just wavy enough to be annoying but not cute. Blah.
  • We're looking at laptops (and going wireless--for my online work I do it will be so much easier)...I'm really sick of comparing prices and features--half of which I don't have a clue what they mean! Dad--you do it! :D
  • My daughter is a hoot. And she'll tell you that. She really is, too. I love her. She makes me smile :) See? She's making me smile and she's not even awake!
  • My son is very ornery...already.
  • Hmmm...I think that's enough randomness for now. I really need to clean up and go to bed. Gracious. But the pictures first..........

They had so much fun watching Daddy mow! Jacob was completely enthralled with the mower.
Anna was doing a cheer for Daddy...this is the millisecond that she sat still enough for a picture.

The mullet. It's so cute though b/c it's getting curly again! But no mullets in this house! Haircut--soon!!! And how about that chub?! I love, love, love it!

Oy. She had a giant sucker at the college football game Saturday. It was windy and she was with Daddy for the 2nd half--bad combo! *meaning Daddies don't understand that wind + long hair = a mess; wind + long hair + sticky sucker = rat's nest!* Look at her hair! She wanted it washed off...NOW!

She is having more fun with the John Deere than Jacob is...for now. Our house is old. And nothing is level. The kitchen slopes to the east, so she would roll down to me and I would push her back. She loved it. Would've done it all day too! So I guess there are pros to having non-level floors! :)

We had a full house for Sunday dinner, so Aaron brought this little table in for Anna & him to eat on. It's still here (there's not enough room, but aren't they so cute eating there?!?). Jacob continually tried to steal Anna's bowl of cereal...and he had lots of opportunity b/c she was all over the map this morning.

They're just too cute:)

Morning 'toons, sharing some Cheerios. Yesterday morning we were all three snuggled up there!


tERESA said...

You're so good to do a blog!! I enjoy reading it. I too keep up on some too many too. Although, I myself don't have one. Anyway, what online work are you doing? Just curious. Take care!TERESA

Jennifer said...

Well, it's just a lot easier than emailing my pictures to everyone! :)
I work for Guidpost's online prayer site--all prayers/requests have to be approved (enter, me and some other ladies). I just have to make sure there's not any personal or inflammatory/inappropriate content and then I send them through. It's pretty easy and I can do it from anywhere.