Thursday, September 11, 2008

State Fair, among other things

Anna remembers the Bumble Bee ride from last year's fair, so she was very excited to go again! She talked a mile a minute the whole way there, until she fell fast asleep. She did NOT want to ride in the stroller either! :) She had so much fun. Jacob wasn't feeling too hot (doc says today it looks to be some kind of virus), but he did pretty good considering he wasn't feeling good. He was content to look at all the movement and animals and lights!

Watching the pig races! They named their "Lindsay Loham" pretty funny :)

THE Bumble Bee ride! She had just as much fun this year!

There's a local exotic animal farm that brings animals to the fair and has a free petting zoo. Anna loved seeing all the animals and even got to feed some of them! She fed the zebra, llama (or alpaca, not sure which was which!), and goats. She tried to feed the giraffe, but got scared when he grabbed the whole shovel! She also got to pet the llama--they have a surprisingly soft coat!

I'm a sucker for horses, so we shelled out the $5 to ride the ponies! She rode Tonto and really liked it...I see horses in our future! YEA!!! Now we can outnumber Daddy ;)

My little cowgirl :) we have a future Harley girl in our family?? haha

The HOOOJ trater tire :) She was very excited to see all those tractors and kept saying "It's gween like Aunt Cawa's!!!!!" :) (sorry it's kinda dark--it was getting late by the time we made it over to the tractors)

One thing we will NOT do again--eat supper at the fair. Good gravy. The prices aren't ridiculous, they're outrageous! We paid $3.50 for a HOT DOG!!!!! It was a big one, but forevermore! It's a hot dog. I got so excited when I saw a place that was selling beirocks. I LOVE those things! I figured it would be well worth the $4.50 I paid the lady. Then she puts the plate in front of me--it's TINY! It was good, but it wasn't big enough to pay $4.50 for!! Oh well. And I couldn't get anybody to ride the Ferris wheel with me :( I think it was a little too big and high for Anna to agree to!


Binga spent a week with us while Papa was traveling for work. He came and picked her up last weekend. Any of you that know my dad, know that he's just a kid at heart and when his grandkids are around, he turns into a kid :) It's so fun to watch (and seems like I remember MY grandpa being like that...). Anyway, he was reading a book to the kids one night. Now, this is a repetitive book ("Brown Bear, Brown Bear") and I'd been reading it to Jacob every night, all week long. Well, I'm a teacher at heart and I just can't help it--I have to read a book word for word and I can't skip parts or make parts up. I just can't do it! Papa, on the other hand, has no trouble making up the story as he goes along (as well as sounds and noises and sometimes even words!)....

Jacob is thinking "What in the world are you saying Papa?? That's NOT how this story goes!"

Anna is wearing her "night hat"--or so she says. She told us that this hat is her night hat and her other hat is her day hat. Where does she come up with this stuff?!

We had to go to KC on Sunday. We rode up with my parents and rode back with my aunt & uncle. Well, I forgot to get Jacob's booster seat/highchair out of Dad's escape, so we were without a highchair for a day (until Kim let me borrow hers while we waited for Jacob's to come in the mail). Let's just say it was NOT easy feeding a 1 yr. old without a place to strap him in!!!!! So lunch was on the counter that day :) He loved it.

We've been having some pretty cool (even cold) weather this week. Perfect weather for football!! :) Can't wait for Saturday's opening game at the college!

A couple days ago was the perfect day for a stroll to the lake. We stopped and got some bread and Anna fed her geese.....

while I fed mine! :)


Ange said...'re fair looks awesome! I do agree with you on the prices. It's almost as bad as a Broncos game!

Anonymous said...

I wondered why Jacob had me read that book at least 4 times, he thought I would eventually get it right.

Rhonda said...

Our kids adore the fair as well. Animals, food, tractors...its all of their favorite things!