Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Jacob!

Jacob-Jake-Jakey-Bubba---Jacob Scott! I cannot believe you are already ONE! The year has flown by so quickly. You made a grand entrance on August 31st, 2007. Bigger than anyone ever imagined (8lbs. 15oz.!) and with curly RED hair!!! No one expected either of those things. You were a very content baby as long as you got fed! You don't like to sleep as much as your sister, but you're still a good sleeper--unless you're teething:( It has been so much fun watching your spunky (did I mention spunky?) personality develop. Aunt (Grandma) Cara has claimed you as her grandson for now since you seem to have inherited her red hair! It used to be an exact match, but then it all fell out and came back in a little blonder and with no curl :(. But someone once said your hair is like gold, so it's still beautiful (I'm allowed to say that b/c you're still little). You took your sweet time crawling and you're taking your sweet time deciding to walk. I have a feeling that once you do decide you'd rather walk than crawl, you're going to run! You are so full of energy, but you're also content to sit quietly and play with some toys or look at books. You LOVE books! Just like big sister and Mama. You really love Dora, even say her name! You know how to do several baby signs, but you're too stubborn to do them on your own--you'd rather use someone else's hands to make the sign!!
You are completely fascinated with wheels--doesn't matter what they're on, you latch on and will sit forever playing with them! You absolutely love your sister. Except when she gets in your way, then you scream and get mad at her :) But you always have a smile for her, especially when you wake up and she runs in to greet you. She can usually make you stop crying with a soothing voice or a silly dance. I think she thinks you're her very own baby! You LOVE to eat. Always have and I think always will! And you positively enjoy Veggie Tales!!! You get very excited when I turn the movie on in the van and you'll stay glued to that movie the whole time!
You have that ornery glint in your eye...yet you're very sweet and love to give kisses. You were surprisingly gently with your baby cousin Hudson when they came to visit. Right now you don't like milk, but you'll get used to it! Sometimes you don't like to go to bed...I think you'd rather just play until you drop. You don't like to cuddle, unless you're really tired.
Daddy & I are blessed to have such a special little boy and we're excited to see the boy and man you grow into! We pray that one day you come to know Jesus as your Savior.
We love you more than you know Bubba! :)

RED hair?!? Mama didn't believe them when they told me, so the nurse was proving it to me!

The first time Mama got to hold you

The first time Anna got to hold you!

Sister was always so gentle and loving with you. She LOVED to cuddle and hold you!
(you're 3 weeks old in this picture)
Cousin Seth playing with you. You barely woke up:)

Your first Christmas--so handsome! (4 months)

Anna had fun (and it seemed that you did too!) reading a book to you:)
What a big boy! Already in 12 month onesies at 4 1/2 months!
Special times with Great Grandpa
Always a big smile for the camera...you're a ham!!
What did I tell ya? You're a HAM!
Big boy wheelin' around in the walker
Happy boy (maybe dreaming of Hawaii like Daddy??)
Only 8 months old and already tackling big sister!
FINALLY! You decided to crawl at almost 9 months! Whew!!! Mama's back was in bad shape from carrying those 26 lbs. around!
Like I said...you like to eat!:) Like I said...Anna just thinks you're her own baby! :)

Almost....at almost one, you started to walk behind this toy, but now you won't do it! :(


The BIG Party!!!!

We had your party in Mama's hometown at the park. You weren't feeling the best, but you had fun and all the family had fun celebrating with you!

Mama, Daddy, & Anna got you a Tonka truck and that's what I used to put your "dirt" cake in. You were more interested in the wheels (surprise!) than the cake. And even though you got covered in chocolate, you didn't eat hardly any of it!

Look at you! So cute and covered in chocolate!

I was NOT fast enough in getting that toy out of the box!! You got very excited when you saw the toys (all with wheels, of course!) and weren't really too interested in opening the next one...until you saw it had wheels too! :) (You did also get some books and you liked those just as much as the wheels!)

You got right on this John Deere and started going! You especially love to honk the "horn" and push the motor button. Anna really likes this toy too, and I have a feeling that is going to cause some fights when you realize that it's actually YOUR toy! ha

I can't wait to see what the next year brings--I have a feeling I'll be needing a lot more energy!! :) Love you love you Jacob!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!! What a cutie you are! ;)

Tim and Eliana said...

Hi Jenny, is so good for reading your blog and knowing that Jacob completed 1 year, I saw the photos and is really very pretty and desire that God blesses your family very much.

Stacy (Bottoms) Casebolt said...

Happy birthday to your little boy!! I think I found your blog through Facebook or something, but its been fun checking in every once in awhile! I'm expecting little boy #2 in a few weeks, so the pictures of your two interacting almost brought tears to my eyes! So cute!!

Ange said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jacob! We love you so much and can't wait to see the wonderful person you grow to be! I'm sorry we couldn't make it to your party!
Your cousins,
Ange, Shawnda, Nate, Javier, Isabel, Uncle Bill
PS - Jenni, Aaron and Anna - thanks for blessing us with your presence in our lives! We love you too!