Friday, August 29, 2008

I ironed my couch.

Really, I did. I ironed my couch the other day. Betcha can't say you've ever done that before... This is the reason. I got a new slipcover!!!!! Yahooo! In case you forgot what it looked like...

(This was obviously last year, a day or two after we brought Jacob home)

I ordered the slipcover from SmartBargains. What a deal!! It was over 60% off! I only paid $30 for it! It's kind of a pain to have to re-tuck it so often, but that's okay! Anyway--it was, of course, wrinkled from the packaging when it arrived. I threw it in the dryer with a wet rag for a while, but it was still kinda wrinkly. So I ironed it on the couch! HA! I really like it with my chocolate brown walls :)

Anna helped me make Jacob's birthday cake this afternoon. She thoroughly enjoyed licking the beaters!! :)

She insisted I put this picture in here. She is the boss around here ya know. ;)

She also decided that she would be a princess this afternoon, so she got out all her dress up stuff. She actually wore her Cinderella slippers to the grocery store today :) Oh yes, and they're not shoes...they're glass slippers. Or so I was informed. She had a lot of fun and used her "wand" (she has an actual wand, but didn't want to look for it, so she just used her furry Piglet pen!) to turn Jacob into a king and me into a princess. I remember playing dress up all the time as a girl. It's so much fun to pretend!!!

Tomorrow is Jacob's party. I hope it's not super hot (yeah right), but we'll have a lot of fun!


Andrea said...

haha..nope, I can't say that I've ever ironed my couch before...but it is leather, so ironing it might not go over too well! Anna is such a cutie...especially in her Cinderella dress!

Jaime said...

See . . . your decorating looks fabulous! I love the new slip cover on the couch. Ok, I must stop messing around on the computer and clean my house!

Lambert Loggings said...

What a great way to get a 'new' couch without spending all the money!! Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.
(Happy 1st Birthday, Jacob!!! Hope you had a great day!)