Monday, August 4, 2008

Seriously? 105?!

With the heat index, it's 105 degrees today. OH MY GRACIOUS! We went to the store (didn't have a choice--out of juice and bread)...on the way home, the van's temp said 107! It's insanely hot and just plain miserable!! Evidently my garden isn't minding the heat. Anna and I went out and picked 13 tomatoes (2 were still a little green, but had fallen off so they're ripening up in a bag), a giant cucumber, a zucchini, and several green onions. Sweat was pouring down my face just standing there! Ick. But, whaddya know...
She's very proud of her garden. She had to carry a tomato inside (the bucket was too heavy for her to carry!)
Even the cucumber was getting a little heavy for her to hold..."Hurry up Mom! It's getting heavy!!"
We also did some baking today. I made banana bread last night and today Anna helped me make chocolate chip zucchini bread (if we're coming to see you this weekend, you just might be getting some...:D). We also made some rice crispy treats. So we spent the day INside in the kitchen. It was a good day. And it kept Anna awake for the afternoon! :) She loves helping me cook. She stirred up the dry ingredients and even poured them into the mixing bowl for me. And when she just has to watch, she constantly "praises" me--"Wow Mama! You're really good at that!" It's precious:)

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