Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yummy, fresh garden salsa!

What's better than some yummy, homemade, fresh garden salsa??? I'll tell ya what--nothing! :) My friend Kim invited me over to make salsa today since I had SO MANY tomatoes. Here is the wonderful result. It is so good. Aaron is going to be in hog heaven when he gets home. I'm betting there won't be any salsa left by the time we leave tomorrow afternoon...In the big jar, I used green onions (from my garden), red onion, garlic, cilantro, a little salt and a little lime juice. In the small jar, I didn't use the green onions (b/c they are all in the big jar!). It is sooo good! There's no recipe, she just throws it in and tastes it. It's super easy. No canning or cooking, just a lot of chopping. So thanks Kim! I had fun and we'll be enjoying some chips & salsa tonight! :)


Anna found this little baby carrier yesterday amongst her millions of toys. I picked it up at a garage sale long ago. She was having so much fun carrying her little baby around :)

This is how our mornings go...Anna wakes up and comes to my bed. Sometimes she goes back to sleep, sometimes we cuddle and watch 'toons. She's told me over and over that cuddling in Mommy's bed is her favorite thing to do! :) Well, yesterday morning was no different. As I was trying to get Jacob down for a nap, she comes in and insists on getting her pillow and blanket (Joyce, if you're reading this-she refuses to sleep with any other blanket! Never mind that it's a million degrees outside! She'd rather get hot and sweaty than sleep with a different blanket!!) Anywho. I fail at getting Jacob asleep and walk by and see this...

She evidently wasn't satisfied with the quality of the pillows and blankets already on the bed...she had to have her own! What a kid.

And Jacob...the boy is in love with Dora! Jamie & Cassie got Anna this awesome little Dora "movie" player for Christmas. It's like a projector. He will sit there and watch that little movie over and over and over. He gets really excited when it turns on, and then he just sits really still and watches. It's very cute and quite humorous!

Oh yes...the other day we were at the store when the lady in front of us starts talking to the kids. She was w/ her 3 grandkids. She guessed Anna was about 3 (to which Anna said Yes!) and then she looked at Jacob and said "And I bet you're not quite 2." I kind of laughed and said "Actually, he not quite 1!" Ha! The kid is still growing at a ridiculous rate, I'm afraid.

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Abby said...

I can't wait to see our big boys together. I had a lady in the store yesterday say he must be 2 or 3! Jacob may have Nathan beat though, Nathan is still in 18-2t clothes. :)