Friday, August 1, 2008

Take a bite out of.....Anna? And other random stuff

*Warning: this post might be rambling and it's long...*
It's not been a good day for my children (which means me, too!!). To start things off, Jacob took a bite out of Anna's cheek......Don't let that innocent-looking smile fool you...he's about to eat his sister's face.
(Did I mention that he's wearing a 3T shirt today???)

You see those red marks by her eye? Yeah, those are Jacob's teeth marks. She's got bite marks down by her lips too, but I couldn't get her to sit still long enough to get those too. So this is what happened...They're playing on the Dora couch, I'm at the sink. Suddenly I hear Anna yelling at Jacob. I turn around to see her point her finger in his face and yell "Jacob NO! I don't yike dat!" and then she proceeds to wallop him on the back. I figured he pulled her hair, so I scold her for hitting and tell her to go sit in time-out. She gets about 5 steps toward the bedroom and starts crying (for real) saying it hurts. That's when she tells me that he BIT her. Big time! We go sit down and I look at her cheek. She's got some nasty red marks that turn to welts right before my eyes! I apologized and told her she didn't have to sit in time-out, but it still wasn't okay to hit. She let me know that, "I don't yike my brudder wight now!" Poor child. Just wait, she gets her revenge...

No, this isn't her revenge, even though it looks like she's about to squeeze his head off. They're both enthralled with "Baby Signs". I swear that Jacob knows every one of the signs, but he just doesn't want to sign them. I'll try to get him to sign and he just looks at me with this sly little grin like "Haha Mama, I know how to do that but I AIN'T gonna do it!" Oh boy...I think I'm going to have my hands full very soon!
I don't have a picture of Anna getting her revenge (rightly so, once you hear the story!). I was washing up the dishes when I hear Jacob screaming (the kids were playing in the living room). I realize after a couple of screams that it's pretty muffled. I peek out and see Anna SITTING ON HIS HEAD! They were again playing on that Dora couch (after today I'm beginning to think I need to get rid of it!!!) and he was face down on the couch while she was sitting on him. I yanked her off and told her to GO TO TIME-OUT (I'm afraid I wasn't exactly calm about this one!). Gracious.

This is his favorite thing to do these days. He thinks it's hilarious to peek through his legs and hear you say "Peek-a-boo!" :) Another accident on the couch today (see, I told you!)--Jacob was trying to crawl over the back of it and of course, it was at the edge of the carpet. Well, the couch tips over and he does a face plant on the wood floors. When Aaron got home I said "Hi, love you, I'm leaving for a while!" haha Evidently it was just the day b/c Aaron said while I was gone the little piano fell over on him and then one of the doll strollers fell over on him. He's got a fat lip from something (imagine that). Umm, can I just say that I'm tired?!?

These are just a couple shots from the other night when Anna was cooking for us. She was so cute.

Using the hot pads and all :)

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