Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drum roll, please...

I finally got the pictures downloaded! Stop laughing at me Dad!! And well, Ange is just an awesome photographer, so there are a lot of pictures (and I still have more for another post...just on Jacob and Cubie!!) :)

Almost there! The last .1 mile....holy cow! They just ran 13 miles!!!

Uncle Bill and Aaron. I certainly wouldn't be standing, let alone smiling, after that. They're awesome.
"Yeah wight Daddy! You want me to dwink someting called Joint Juice?!? Gwoss!!!"
So that's where he gets the double chin! I've been wondering.....
I'm surprised he wasn't eating the grass...seriously.

Uncle Bill, Ange, Nate, Jacob (he's not so sure about Bill!) and Anna

The fam. A little awkward (trying to hold both kids) and it's nearly impossible to get both kids to look at the camera at once. But it's a picture of all of us! :)
Trying to keep up with big sister! He really takes off when he wants to and you have to run to keep up! :)

He decided to start walking only holding one hand that day. He did really good! Anna decided he still needed help, though.

I told you the tongue thing is genetic!

How cute is she?!

Such an innocent face. Don't believe it for a SECOND!!!

"What?! There's dessert too?!?!?!?!!?"

"Hehehehe. Just teasin' ya Jacob!"
Well, suffice it to say we had a great time! I'll post some pictures of Jacob and Cubie (Ange's HUGE black lab) later. Ange, thanks again for taking all these great pics and for sending me the CD! You got some awesome shots!

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Ange said...

Your post is awesome! I was freaking out that you couldn't get them off the CD...I was getting ready to zip them up one at a time! :-) I'm so glad you liked them...I sure enjoyed taking them! Love ya girl!