Thursday, August 21, 2008

Was it really???

Last weekend Mom and I got to attend a women's conference at a church in Hutch. It was amazing. Challenging and yet still fun :) The theme was "More Love to Thee" and my friend had a really good post on it (so you just read what she wrote b/c it's exactly what I would have said!). Anyway, my parents came down on Thursday night and Friday morning we headed out to the farm (my grandparents' farm) for a visit. Mom and I decided to make it a girls' weekend, so we spent the night in Hutch Friday night and left the kids with Papa, Daddy, and Great Gma & Gpa (very capable hands, I might add!). So we go, get to sleep uninterrupted (although I still woke up numerous times...figures!), have a great day of learning and fellowship and then meet up at my cousin's horse ranch for supper with my family. We get there and Susan says "So how was your first night away from Jacob?" I said "What? That was my first night away from him??" HA! I didn't even realize it. Technically I spent a couple nights at the hospital with Mom during her thing, but I don't think that really counts (I basically went up there after I got the kids bathed and in bed and then was back in the morning). So anywho I thought that was funny that I didn't even realize :) Just goes to show how different things are the 2nd time around!! I wasn't away from Anna until she was almost 2!
So here are some pics from the weekend. Looks to me like the kids had plenty of fun without me!!!

Gettin' a ride in the old wheelbarrow (Papa did a much better job fixing Anna's hair this time--last time he used twisty ties!!)

Fun with Papa

Even more fun with Great Grandpa!

They have kitties!! Anna loves little kittens.

No joke--she actually fell asleep like this! Dad said they were playing, bouncing her on his legs and then he realized she was asleep!!

Jacob and Papa doing "Baby Signs". Well, Papa doing the signs. Jacob wouldn't do them with his own hands, he would just take Papa's hands and make him do the sign! Stinker.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice that you get to hang out with your Mom. Sounds like she is doing really well now. I wish I am near with my parents. My Mom would love to hang out with me simply because I am not boring to her! It is nice to do Mother and Daughter thing together. -Jicks

Ange said...

Those are awesome pics! That is so cool that you and Anna can do these things together. You'll have to send me your recipe for the salsa! You are an incredible mom! Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Ange. You're so nice :) Just posted the salsa recipe for ya!