Sunday, August 3, 2008


We have a lot of nicknames in our family. My brothers practically changed their names in college--when we called we couldn't ask for Jeremy, it had to be Tito b/c people didn't know that wasn't his name (seriously?! What white kid is named TITO???) Jamie liked to make up bizarre nicknames for himself (Jim Dat Daddy, for one). Most people know Aaron as Wally. Same thing with him...most people didn't know that Wally wasn't his actual name. When he started working at his current job, his boss didn't know his name wasn't Wally until he saw his paperwork! Anyway, I have about a million different nicknames--Jenn, Jenni, Jenni Rose, Rosie, Rosie Posie, Jenn Jenn (DON'T GO THERE BROTHERS!), etc. And I really don't care which of those people call me (except the Jenn Jenn). I'm fine with Jenn, Jenni, or Jennifer. I won't be offended if somebody calls me Jenn instead of Jennifer. Just doesn't matter. So I guess it makes sense that our kids have their nicknames as well. Anna is called Annifer by my dad (b/c to my family, she's the spitting image of me at her age), Anna Banana...I think that about covers it for her. Oh, Aaron sometimes refers to her as Tiger Lily (I don't know). Now Jacob's nicknames are funny b/c Anna uses them, and for some reason, it's just a lot funnier to hear his 3 yr. old sister calling him by a nickname! So for him, it's Jake-y (not sure how to spell that one!), Jacobiac (from Daddy-this is the funniest one to hear Anna call him!!), and Bubba (also pretty funny to hear Anna call him). People ask if we are going to call him Jake. I don't know. He sure seems like he'll turn into a Jake, just b/c of his size, but who knows. I think I'll probably always call him Jacob. But I don't care what he goes by (between Jake & Jacob, that is!). I'm sure time will tell. I don't think Aaron probably thought that his nickname would stick this long, but it has (nobody at work calls him Aaron).He's still completely fascinated with wheels.

This is Anna's "new" dress. There's a new consignment/antique shop in town, so I'm excited about that:) She picked this out herself and couldn't wait to wear it to church today!

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